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Being a customer-oriented organization, we perform our best to create our processes as understandable and transparent for you as possible. We adhere to the greatest practices in the business to provide you a predictable excellence result that you suppose from your dealer. Sequere is uniquely qualified to fully cover the needs of the most challenging projects.

Throughout 10 years of working in IT industry, thanks to advance research and innovative thinking, we have been accumulating the leading industry and technology practices, perfecting our awareness and understanding of business routes, gradually developing from software outsourcing to complex systems integration company. The obtained collective experience is carefully evaluated and communicated to the entire Sequere team to pick out and accept the most professional practices and discard those that proved to be of little value. We put main concentration on delivering secure, consistent solutions of long-term value enabling our customers focus on their core business objectives.
The Process
In general, we propose dividing development practice into numerous iterations (phases). Our clients get complete reports enabling to judge progress made, and where needed, promptly optimize processes and resources. Our standard iterative policy contains:

Primary requirements gathering
Planning and project details specification
Prototype design
Submission of demo versions to your approval
Comprehensive product testing
Final version delivery
Solution implementation, stabilization and user training
The Transparency
Our project management strategy is designed to include maximum transparency to the key management milestones and commitments, financial plan, workload planning, and metrics used in the procedure. We intricate and communicate to every person involved in the project a detailed plan of activities, which will:

Describe major and minor stages of the process
Explain objectives and deliverables at the end of each phase
Reflect processes, methods, techniques and methodologies
Submission of demo versions to your approval
Human resources, qualifications that are necessary
Assign roles and everyday jobs for each team member
Flexible Engagement Models
Depending on project specific characteristics, we propose 3 major engagement models:
Fixed Price

Project specification, requirements for development processes, deadlines and resources are clearly defined, technical documentation is already available or properly planned.

Time & Material

Project specification either has insufficient level of detail or doesn’t exist, development processes and deadlines are not yet clear, documentation is unavailable or incomplete.

Dedicated Team

Only general idea and requirements to the project are available. Project specification, requirements for development processes, deadlines and resources are still to be estimated, discussed and negotiated.

The Difference
Our engagement models are very flexible: as your project objectives change, you can easily switch to another model of cooperation, or choose a hybrid model, combining features of all engagement models, which match your needs best.

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