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SeQuere provides a complete-cycle of SPD, and helps you at any phase of your product development – from a simple idea to product support and maintenance. When you are working on the making of a ground-breaking product or release an inventive software solution, you need a software product development partner who would step in, when you most need an opinion. Take a minute and think about SeQuere Accelerated Product Development (APD) service. This is an amazing offering from us which answers all the challenges of software product development projects.
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Part of this investment is to hand over your IT infrastructure to trustworthy partners with the functional know-how, full understanding, resources and in-detail skill to make sure that your business, organization and team use Information Technology efficiently and effectively specific to your objectives and business challenges. As an important and essential part of your business policy, your IT infrastructure should give out as a well-oiled central nervous system that interacts with your staff, customers, suppliers, media and management – and investing in efficient IT consulting services will assist you accomplish that and much more.
We focus on some very important and distinct features, which are essential for successful, long-term product development partnership:
Product leadership

We identify Business Analysis in Software Product Development as a separate area of expertise, targeted to extend capabilities and facilitate your central Product Management efforts. This helps your Product Manager to scale properly and focus on the most critical things, without being over-loaded by huge amount of information from users, or multiple products requirements management tasks, etc.

Focus on product quality

All product quality assurance functions are handled by an independent QA department, who’s sole function is the quality of your product at every aspect of it. Independence from development team guarantees that you always get correct understanding of quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.

Intellectual Property Protection

We have a strong focus on a service-based business model. This is one of the principal points we are building our work around and it is designed and implemented to protect Sequere’s clients from unfair competition practices. Strong corporate policies, standards and infrastructure protect client’s Intellectual Property from being used by anybody else, including other product teams within SeQuere.

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