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Outsourcing your project to an Offshore Dedicated group is an excellent opportunity to develop your business with exclusive resources created exactly as per your requirements and business goals with the preferred scale of monitoring and involvement.
Offshore Dedicated Team
Hiring, preparing and maintaining your in-house group can make your task an actual financial puzzle, not to mention relocating your efforts that could be used to further strengthen your core business activities. With a dedicated staff, you will directly manage, watch and motivate it. Sequere’s handpicked team of extremely skilled technical experts, developers, software architects, QA engineers and business analyzers will be totally at your disposal to complete your project utilizing all most advanced IT technologies.
Offshore Dedicated Team with Project Manager
Whether you are planning to keep your degree of involvement to a minimum or, on the contrary, you need to have total control over every phase of your project, you can also employ a manager to direct your development team on-site. The dedicated leader will direct your team, be your contact person, and update you on the project process with daily work reports. We provide you a time-proven, independently adjusted cooperation policy for a win-win result.
Plus Points of an ODT model
  • A dedicated team is completely engaged in your project. They cannot be assigned to any other responsibilities
  • Choice to adjust team's business hours to your time zone
  • Change requests are much easier to make in your numerous projects. You can change priorities, condition, and other project details any time and with no difficulty. No particular change requests tracking and no budget review are necessary
  • The team will insightfully revise your requirements, business goals, project expectations and preferences
  • Modified project status reports, covering all project factors, everyday jobs, workload, idle time, progress, etc.
  • Direct access to hi-end technology resources, communications, broadband Internet and advanced method. More on our skills.
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