Smart Investments with long term benefits
We all live in a highly competitive and very unpredictable business arena. Businesses need to invest in tools that can create robust structures, processes and strategies – strong enough to react to these changes accurately without compromising on quality or cost.

Part of this investment is to entrust your IT infrastructure to reliable partners with the functional know-how, detailed understanding, resources and in-depth expertise to ensure that your business, management and staff use Information Technology efficiently and effectively specific to your goals and business challenges. As an essential and integral part of your business strategy, your IT infrastructure should serve as a well-oiled central nervous system that interacts with your employees, clients, suppliers, media and management – and investing in effective IT consulting services will help you achieve that and much more.
  1. With a 10-year company’s experience in software development, implementation, quality assurance and software support Sequere advisory services are characterized by deep understanding of all business and functional requirements as well as ambiguous nuances of business workflows. We offer a one-stop software services that covers the full development and implementation cycles of your IT project including a full range of consulting services:

      IT Infrastructure Audit and Strategy Development
      Software Architecture Planning
      Consulting on Security Issues
      Choice of Technology / Framework
      Business Process Analysis and Formalization

  2. Our clear understanding of business processes puts us in the position to combine this with our in-depth technical knowledge to improve business performance across all organizational interfaces, business processes and technological platforms. Our IT consulting services rely on this vast resource of talented and highly motivated business professionals that can help your business explore new concepts, solutions and strategies leveraging on our main competitive advantage and ensure success for your business:

      Unique combination of technology expertise and business understanding
      Vendor Independent Services
      Wide Matrix of Technology Solutions and Business Domains
      One-Stop Shop for very specialized issues (security, software re-engineering, etc.) and strategy-level questions (software product development, integration strategy, etc.)

Flexible Engagement Models
Depending on project specific characteristics, we propose 3 major engagement models:
Fixed Price

Project specification, requirements for development processes, deadlines and resources are clearly defined, technical documentation is already available or properly planned.

Time & Material

Project specification either has insufficient level of detail or doesn’t exist, development processes and deadlines are not yet clear, documentation is unavailable or incomplete.

Dedicated Team

Only general idea and requirements to the project are available. Project specification, requirements for development processes, deadlines and resources are still to be estimated, discussed and negotiated.

The Difference
Our engagement models are very flexible: as your project objectives change, you can easily switch to another model of cooperation, or choose a hybrid model, combining features of all engagement models, which match your needs best.

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